Video Playback Help

NEW: For Windows Users, check out the new Kawaii Codec Pack (KCP) made by Swaps4 from Haruhichan that... basically does what this guide is for, but in a easy user-friendly wizard! It is still in BETA, but please still try it out, and let me or Swaps4 know of any problems you might encounter!

Can't figure out how to get our files to play? This section will have all the information you'll need!

For Windows, there's two recomended and officially supported methods from Elysium Subs. One utilizing Media Player Classic - Home Cinema as the main player and one using KMPlayer.

I recommend using the KMPlayer method due to the overall faster speed, stability, and customizability of the KMPlayer program, but MPC-HC will work just fine for most people. However, if you are adventurous and want to try out a new method, KMPlayer really is a GREAT alternative. If you want to have both options available, I highly recommend you follow through the MPC-HC guide FIRST, then do the KMPlayer guide. They can work alongside each other. Both guides configure your computer to be able to playback all 10-bit video encodes!

Media Player Classic - HC using LAV Filters or madVR
KMPlayer with LAV Filters and madVR Guide

Other Operation Systems:

Linux: Install MPlayer here. (If you're running Linux, I'll assume you know how to install it)
Mac OS X: Install MPlayer here. (Mac installations are damn simple, so I'll leave that to you)

If you have a very low spec computer and HD video playback lags, install and use the CoreAVC decoder. Make sure to get version 3 or higher, as anything lower will not support 10-bit. Don't use this method if you computer can decode the files perfectly fine. If this still doesn't fix it, I suggest you invest in a better computer.

If you are having trouble playing FLAC Audio, install the madFLAC codec here.

PS3 or Xbox 360 (or any UPnP Media Device) Playback:
Note: You will need a fairly powerful computer (Dual-Core Minimum)  to use this method, as it is processing on-the-fly video transcoding.

  1. Install the Java Runtime Environment here.
  2. Install PS3 Media Server here. (BETA is better) (The name implies it only works on PS3, but it works on any UPnP Media Device, including the Xbox 360)
  3. After starting it up, go to the "Transcoding Settings" tab.
  4. On the left, expand "Video File Engines," then select MEncoder.
  5. Check "Use ASS default style" under subtitle settings.
  6. Also, make sure "ASS/SSA subtitles" and "Autoload *.srt/*sub subtitles with the same file name" are checked.
  7. On the left, expand "Audio File Engines," then select FFMPEG Audio.
  8. Use the arrows to set FFMPEG to highest priority.
  9. Save and Restart the Media Server.
  10. Go to your PS3/Xbox 360/UPnP Media Device and connect to your new "PS3 Media Server" UPnP Server.
  11. Direct it to the path the video file is located.
  12. At the top of the folder that the video file is located in, open the folder called "#TRANSCODE#."
  13. Select the folder with the same name as the video you want to watch.
  14. Select the combination of Video/Audio/Subtitle language that you want to watch it in.
  15. Enjoy the best HD anime available on your TV!