Our IRC Channel is the main chatting center for all our staff members and fans. We also offer XDCC downloads! Come join and meet new people!

Please read the rules and info at the bottom of the page. We hate kicking and banning people, and want to avoid it as much as possible. ^.^

Our channel is on the Rizon network, use "/join #ElysiumSubs" on your favorite IRC Client, or click the link at the top of the page:

Or, you can use the online Rizon client below:


  • DO NOT PM an admin unless it is important or personal.
  • NO racism of any kind. This is one thing that is simply not tolerated. You get one warning, then a ban.
  • Please...please read the FAQ first before asking a question.
  • Be patient! Users on IRC LOVE to sit and idle. You will most likely not get an immediate response to questions.
  • Common sense is applied here and don't be a troll and you'll have a good time!
  • Reasons for Ban: Breaking above rules, Spamming or Flooding, or if you piss an admin off.

You must obey the admins if you want to stay in the channel!
But don't be afraid, we are all nice and understanding... for the most part :)

  • Ametatsu, ITHORA, Revenant, Kazari_Uiharu, killazys


  • Elysium|Kibishi - Admin Bot. It will make sure that you are following our rules and enforce bans.
  • Shouko-chan - Rizon Bot. Manages modes for users.
  • Matsumae_Ohana - Miscellaneous Services Bot
  • Loliking - XDCC Bot [Packlist:]
  • Elysium|Thakras - XDCC Bot [Packlist:]