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Sora no Woto

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Sora no Woto

K-On in WWII? Maybe

x264 1920x1080p ~3.5Mbps
x264 1280x720p ~1Mbps

Track 1 - 2.0 Ch Japanese FLAC 48.0KHz
720p release contains AAC audio.

RAW Source:


Just don't be fooled by first impressions the show might have for you. This series is the firstborn child of the so-called "Anime no chikara"-movement (the power of anime, literally). What this means is... it's original anime, not based off of any manga, visual novel or game! This basically removes any and every limits from the writers and provides a solid ground for outstanding shows to be created!
... Like this one for example.




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# sushi | 2015-11-05 22:43
For those who having trouble with the "tilde", I fixed it by installing the fonts and if you're too lazy to fix the EP2 OP by yourself, here's a rar file with fixed EP2 script + fonts!0UlwiIrJ!zivvRZSoiza9GpDFUt8t9xX9RC0U8vZX3as-ZcWckI4
# Charles | 2013-10-01 12:55
Excellent quality and subs.
Thanks you so much Elysium.
# Aaron | 2013-04-07 18:48
Thank you so much, Elysium!
# DDane | 2011-11-09 21:09
Episodes 6-12 are missing on the 720p DDL link.
# sharm | 2011-10-07 22:09
There's about 5 or 6 eps missing in the 720p ddl link...
# random | 2011-10-04 03:10
Here's a zip file with the fixed script files:

Fixes the OP timing for episode 2 and removes all tildes from episodes 3 and 8 (the main font does not have a tilde so it gets replaced by another symbol).

Just extract the scripts to the directory where you have your episodes and MPC should auto-load them whenever you play the episode.
# charles | 2015-08-29 10:58
do you still have the fixed script files? dl link doesn't work anymore
# mannus | 2011-08-24 15:27
Would you consider AC-3 as an alternative to FLAC? Since AC-3 is a lossy format, it would maintain a higher quality sound at at a smaller file size and also make it simpler to remux your releases into an m2ts file for playback on blu-ray players. I don't own a blu-ray player so I don't know if they support aac audio natively. Correct me if I'm wrong. Love your releases.
# potaks | 2011-08-03 06:36
please re-seed 720p version in new tracker the old tracker doesn't get any peers/seed
# blakstealth | 2011-06-21 16:53
Any word on that OP for ep2? lol
# dingbat | 2011-09-28 21:39
Even if you don't know how to use aegis sub, dl and install, just open subtitle/audio/ dummy video, highlight the English karaoke lines (6-23) then go to tab "Timing" then "Shift Times" forward "Start and End times" for "Selected Rows" by .75s and then scroll down and do the same for the Kanji karaoke lines (52-60) backwards by 1.05s. Only appears to affect ep2 OP. If you haven't used aegis subs before, it's fun. make your own karaoke. oh yeah.. you have to remux it... mkvtoolnix blah blah blah.
# random | 2011-09-28 21:49
Yeah, sure, but then I wouldn't be able to seed those episodes.

Well hopefully they'll fix these minor errors when they re-release this as Hi10p (they're going to, right?).
# Ametatsu | 2011-09-28 22:18
# random | 2011-06-18 18:01
Just posting here to confirm that the OP karaoke for episode 2 is off. Any chance you can post one of those xdelta patch things to v2 it?
# random | 2011-06-18 20:45
Also the main font doesn't have a tilde so it displays a strange character in it's place.

As shown here:
# Voster | 2011-03-31 22:39
Thanks!! Can't wait to see this in 1080p. You guys did a great job on the ending karaoke!!
# blakstealth | 2011-03-15 13:21
I think there is something up with the OP for the 720p Ep2. Everything is out of sync.
# kojika | 2011-05-11 15:17
The same goes for the 1080p version. In episode 2 the OP karaoke romaji is displayed ahead of the audio, and there is a delay in highlighting the Kana.
# Revenant | 2011-02-21 04:00
I'm not too proud of this 720p, just get the 1080p if you are able to play it back properly. On the other side, the re-download will be quick :3
# kamugin | 2011-02-21 20:19
Nah! My 2TB HD is almost full and I hate burning DVDs. No Blu-Ray recorder yet =/
Besides I didn't liked this show that much...
# kamugin | 2011-02-20 20:10
Oh! Thanks!
# kamugin | 2011-02-20 19:05
Sorry to ask, but are there any real improvments over the tv version to make it worth downloading everything again? I'm interested to know if there are redrawn or extra scenes.
# Ametatsu | 2011-02-20 19:22
There are 2 new episodes, 7.5 and 13
# derpaderp | 2011-02-10 20:10
This show is a masterpiece
# qaz | 2011-02-10 19:51
Can you do screen shot comparison with AtsA?
# Ametatsu | 2011-02-10 19:54
We won't do any sort of comparison with other releases. We're just here to show our releases not to bash other ones. That's for you to decide. You'll have to wait until some other user posts up a comparison.
# qaz | 2011-02-11 00:56
eh, just thought that anyone would've want to have their release to be the best but i guess means bashing others ┐( ¯_¯ )┌
# Ametatsu | 2011-02-11 01:03
We just don't wanna focus on saying that our release is better than every other one. I have no problem giving out my opinion on other releases in the comments and such, but I wouldn't want the main post of each release to have something that basically says, "This is why we are pro, and why the other ones fail."
# qaz | 2011-02-11 02:15
you don't necessary have to do that; you can just point out the pros and the cons. every release always have the pros and cons so none are perfect, but there are preferences that people like, so it be helpful for us to know what's the difference between the two.
# Ametatsu | 2011-02-11 02:22
I supposed I exaggerated a little, but i still stand by my point that i don't want to compare our release to other ones. We'll show off what we have to offer, but not compare (at least not in the main post)
# ITHORA | 2011-01-25 11:27
Ours will be better =)
# Squiggy | 2011-01-25 03:23
Yo, I'm really happy and i'mma let you finish but there's a 1080p at 6.9GB on nyaa, subbed and it looks pretty good..very good, to be precise