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Japan 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake!

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Japan 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake!

If you haven't heard yet, Japan just got hit by a 8.9 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami! For those of you who don't understand the scale, this is MASSIVE. In fact, it is the largest earthquake recorded in Japanese history! The earthquake hit northeast Japan with death tolls already reaching close to the thousands and almost ten thousand missing! We want to raise awareness of such a tragic event and really hope that, if you guys can, please donate and support all those suffering over there! Any of the donations given to us for the rest of the month will be donated to GlobalGiving, our chosen relief fund; they need the money much more than we do! If you would like to donate on your own, please do! Links are after the break. Our thoughts are with all those that are affected by this tragedy!

Read up more about this on CNN:<;/a>

Donate to GlobalGiving:<;/a>
If you have the resources to, please have a giving heart and help out all those suffering!

With Japan being the land where all the content on this site comes from, we want to do anything we can to support them! Help us spread the awareness and keep everyone on your thoughts!

UPDATE: The earthquake has just been upgraded to a 9.0 Magnitude rating!

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# Fiasco | 2011-03-14 12:43
Waiting for DDL. Oh wait...
# ITHORA | 2011-03-18 19:25
Lol nice
# Revenant | 2011-03-13 12:18
I can't believe that all this is really happening; sure makes oneself forget about one own's "problems" in life ;/
# DJ | 2011-03-13 05:43
yes, we should help as much as we can. Also there is risk of nuclear meltdown.
# Frendh | 2011-03-12 20:19
Sendai took a massive hit (tsunami, earthquake tremors have not been a problem anywhere other than for creating the tsunami). At least 9500 missing.
# Sherine | 2011-03-11 16:10
I was really shocked after I heard this :(
I will definitely donate to them when I get the chance to