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July/Summer Update

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July/Summer Update

It looks like this past month has been my most unproductive one yet... Unfortunately, I've had a bunch of personal things to deal with this month that required my attention. Hopefully I'll be getting alot more free time for the rest of my summer. Here's a look at the status of how things are going.

First thing to note... I'm will NOT do any new shows until I have cleared up the ongoing section, or at least reasonably caught up on it.

Anyways, first up is IS. IS is still not fully out yet, so it's on the bottom of the list. I need to get all the shows that have all volumes released out first. Same deal applies to Zombie.

Lucky Star has been going through encode tests this whole time. I finally got perfect settings for the encode, and it looks amazing, if I say so myself. However, when I got it done, I took a look at the other LS encodes that were already released and noticed that Virus123's encode looks... 95% identical to mine :(. So, in order to save time and be able to get this release out faster, I'm going to be stealing their encodes >.< (See Update) You'll still get high quality Elysium subs. This show is top priority as of now.

So, Revenant has been MIA, so I have NO IDEA what's up with Madoka. Since it's not out yet, I'm not going to worry about it too much and wait for Rev a bit more.

Next up is... Rin. Rin is PISSING ME OFF. So, basically, I'm going to be kicking down ITHORA's door. Requesting that I get all the files he worked on and finish it up myself. This is just getting ridiculous, one of the first shows we added, and it's still not out... 7 months later. On top of that, it's 6 episodes long... SIX!!!

Shana has just been added as the last show before I force myself to finish all current ongoings. Since it's my favorite show, I'd love to put it on top priority, but I can't leave the others alone like that, so this is the last on the list of shows that have been fully released.

Shiki is being worked on with Vox and should be released by the end of the month... if everything goes to plan. Again, the reason for the delay is because we need to change up and integrate Taka scripts, along with completing the show with umee scripts as well.

Index II half batch just got released, so out of all the shows, this is absolute minimum priority.

So, there's the statuses. Sorry for being so unproductive lately. Please bear with me as I try to catch up >.< Thanks as always for supporting us!

UPDATE: So... the more I am watching these Virus123 encodes, the more I'm beginning to think I went crazy the night I made the decision to steal their encodes. Idk yet though... I'm leaning back towards finishing the encodes myself, but I'll think on it a little more. On top of that, seems like you guys really hated my decision, so I'll keep that in mind :) I'll keep editing the subs with the Virus123 encodes and see how irritated it gets me. SEE UPDATE 3

UPDATE 2: Not much update on Haruhi... Okay, well, actually... I have edited the OPs and EDs. That's a step right?

UPDATE 3: Ok, Lucky Star is officially back to Original Encode. Virus123's encodes are simply horrible.

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# asko | 2011-07-22 22:20

I just wanted to say that your releases are sublime. Keep up the good work!
# Snoopy | 2011-07-22 21:19
Image of Haruhi Suzumiya

No mention of Haruhi Suzumiya in the update

Well trolled, Ametatsu. Well trolled.
# Ametatsu | 2011-07-22 22:02
sigh.... scroll back up
# Ametatsu | 2011-07-26 08:48
btw, i chose the image for a summer theme... honestly didn't even realize the connection :P
# pc | 2011-07-27 15:46
Doki has finished Haruhi now and it is good. Might as well go with that unless you have any huge objection.
# sum1unoe | 2011-07-22 17:39
I honestly don't know which part is sadder - the fact that you plan to use those garbage encodes, or that your own attempt was similar and/or worse. - - Doki - Virus123

As you can see, Virus awarpsharped his video to the point where he destroyed the color. Also, warpsharping destroyed the lines. The mere fact that he also encoded 1080p on a 1080i upscale should have tipped you off that he has no clue as to what he is doing.

tl;dr: leave Lucky Star to the pros, the last thing people need is more amateur hour.
# Ametatsu | 2011-07-22 18:00
lol, i made that decision last night when i was dead tired, my mind must have gone crazy. Anyways, after working with the Virus123 encodes more, I'm leaning back towards finishing my own. btw, I have no idea where I pulled that 95% from... it's not even close...
# fercilu | 2011-07-24 14:03
After comparing your test images I also back up on my words. It is really bad.
Well than I will just wait for the Elysium group as usual
# fercilu | 2011-07-22 07:27
Thanks for the infos!
To tell the truth I looked at Virus123's Lucky Star release. I it was good, but in the end, I only downloaded the 720p release, thinkin about you, guys. I'm glad, it wasn't a mistake! :)
Anyway, thanks!
# jojo | 2011-07-22 03:18
Good to know you guys are still around. ;)
# pepperoni | 2011-07-22 03:05
Doki has released the first 2 volumes of Lucky Star.
If your just gonna steal Virus encode I'll just keep them till Doki finishes theirs.