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Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai

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Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai

You guys asked for it, so here it is XD! Anyways, great show, can't wait to start working on it.


x264 1920x1080p ~?Mbps @Hi10P
x264 1280x720p ~?Mbps @Hi10P

2.0Ch Japanese AAC 48.0KHz ~300Kbps

RAW Source:
Original Encode

[Chihiro] Modified

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# Uliezs | 2013-12-16 02:52
When this project can be finished?
I can't wait. ^^
# Someone | 2013-03-05 15:50
Patiently awaiting this release!
# Tan23 | 2012-10-25 03:08
When will this awesomeness be finished? :D
# sharm | 2012-09-09 22:08
Could you please keep the localised subs of commie as a secondary track please? I really prefer the localised scripts...
# Qrius | 2012-08-16 11:27
I just saw the CMS version recently and I must say... It's a great show that definitely needs the Elysium treatment for archiving purposes :)
# waqasj | 2012-07-20 05:52
any update guys?
# Sakato Kosuke | 2012-05-03 01:04
are you guys going to release this one? i love this anime so much. i tried to download it on chihiro site but they cut the op and ed of every ep. i downloaded the series, and the software in order to play their video but it didn't work for some reasons. please release this one and season 2 and no more cutting, please!!!!
# Qrius | 2012-05-05 08:15
Man, it's been ages since those came into everyday use...

Also, jap audio+honorific s is the way to go - can't wait for the release :)
# Yankun | 2012-04-27 22:54
So, I know it's off "topic" considering this post is from another show, but I just downloaded Toaru Kagaku no Railgun from you guys, and the quality is okay, but I believe CRF 16 would give better quality for Blu-ray releases, maybe even lower, CRF 18 can't make sure that we wouldn't get too many artifacts in a high bit-rate video for example. It kinda annoys me that some fighting scenes get these artifacts.

Also, did you guys used some filter or something? The colors aren't good as it should, and I see "depressed" styles all over the encode (to be more specific, it's like it wasn't very well draw), it sucks IMHO, since I believe rips/raws should always have the same source without change (filtering), that is, the Blu-ray with original quality.

Aside all that, it was a good release, keep it up.
# Mark | 2012-02-24 18:36
Any Update??
# Hark0n | 2012-02-24 09:29
Just curious, could you add English audio as well. US DVD/BD have been released and adding extra audio track shouldn't bee too hard. I didn't found BD's, but DVD's can be easily found.
# kola | 2012-02-11 00:26
Love your work! I'd also love to see this dual audio or with a separate english patch please.
# Mark080 | 2012-02-02 08:05
Thanks for encoding. :)
Any chance of doing english audio patch?
# LeonLeingod | 2012-01-14 14:16
I personally de-localized Commie's scripts for both seasons if you want them since I did prefer Commie's typesetting.
# Asian_InvAsian | 2012-01-13 01:47
Concerning the subs, both Commie and Chihiro uses edited CR subs. The only major difference between the two is that Commie has better TS, while Chihiro de-localized the script, e.g. added honorifics etc.