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K-On! Movie

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K-On! Movie

Yes, we're still alive >.< K-On! is finally here!

x264 1920x1080p ~xMbps @Hi10P
x264 1280x720p ~xMbps @Hi10P

5.1Ch Japanese AAC 48.0KHz ~300Kbps

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[CoalGuys] - Heavily Modified & Edited


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# prime | 2016-10-30 06:58
somebody help seed the 720p
# Golden King | 2017-05-23 11:29
You're too late. Elysium is dead for very long.
And, with the death of Nyaa, this website is just a graveyard of a long forgotten past when the fansub community was strong, fun, happy and crowded.
I don't know for how long they will keep this site up and running because it doesn't serve its purpose anymore. And every months, it still drains money from their pocket.
Oh, my, Never forget those days!
# Aaron | 2013-04-07 18:47
Thank you so much, Elysium! ^-^
# Fres | 2012-11-05 14:10
I have to ask - why'd you add "Never Forget Those Days!!" to the title? That's not the name of the movie...
# ilduce777 | 2012-11-19 23:22
cuz that name is a spoiler of the movie
# Fres | 2012-12-09 12:15
That makes no sense.
# ilduce777 | 2012-12-09 16:46
you need to be a very fan of k-on! to that makes sense to you, so sorry mate
# Fres | 2012-12-09 18:05
I am a very big fan of k-on! and adding that phrase to the title when that is not actually the title of the movie still doesn't make sense.
# ilduce777 | 2012-12-09 18:37
well then, look here and you will know why elysium put that phrase
anidb.net/.../animedb.pl?show=animelist&adb.search=K-ON!&do.search=search well i think so, thats the reason, i dont know, and why i said that is, that Never forget those days, im trying to say is that the movies plot in the anime already happen if you see, cuz in the movie is before they graduate and when they graduate, and in the ep 24 if my memory doesnt fail me, i think this phrase is trying to say that they are remembering what they did, well i think that the meaning of the phrase
# Fres | 2012-12-10 08:46
I understand the meaning of the phrase. It's not the title of the movie. Whoever added that on anidb is either a troll or an idiot. The title is "Eiga Keion!", or "K-ON! MOVIE" in English. Nothing more. As you can see if you check the official source. www.tbs.co.jp/eng/programsales/movie/konmovie.html
# ilduce777 | 2012-12-10 10:46
ohh i see, well the point here is that elysium put that, cuz in anidb appears like that
# ilduce777 | 2012-12-10 10:47
# Ametatsu | 2012-12-17 09:14
Cause anidb lies!!!! Well, I changed the title of the post, but it's a bit too late to change the torrent filenames. =\
# Jay | 2012-11-05 04:24
sick encoding
thank you Elysium :)
# Alter Zero | 2012-11-02 08:21
Great it's finally done, the small size is a big surprise, really big but I suppose it's just as good!...

Now I'm all set to watch this on Christmas!... ^_^
# deoxys_101993 | 2012-10-31 11:25
OH YEAH! Waiting finally takes fruit! Thanks a bunch guys! (Oh, I'm secretly hoping that you guys do season 1 out of consistency too)
# hack23 | 2012-10-31 11:14
Thank you for your effort in doing this...
# martinez | 2012-10-31 11:06
I'll download ur 720p for my laptop :D

Thanks :D
# klv12gcn | 2012-10-31 00:28
Thank you very much!
# Zeta | 2012-10-30 10:12
Sweet. Thanks a ton.
I've been holding out for your release, since it's bound to be a significant improvement on CoalGuys', and I have no desire to watch a sub-standard release of this. I'd much rather wait for a release made from pure awesomesauce as I fully expect this to be.

So yeah, thanks again for getting this done. I'm very much looking forward to watching it later this week.
# Someone | 2012-10-29 22:15
I've been waiting patiently for this! Glad it's finally out.
# salga | 2012-10-29 17:56
is this a release i see?
# mascthemoney | 2012-10-29 13:52
# Daniel | 2012-10-29 13:45
Very amazing release, next is Bakemonogatari, right?
# Heppy | 2012-10-29 13:19
YAAAAYYY!!!! Too excited.
# mascthemoney | 2012-09-29 15:29
is this dropped?
# ilduce777 | 2012-09-29 23:45
absolutely NOT
# mascthemoney | 2012-10-03 06:23
# Ametatsu | 2012-09-29 23:49
If anything is ever dropped... I will say so. And this is actually almost done >.
# anonymous | 2012-10-28 03:47
>almost done

One month ago...
# Heppy | 2012-09-17 01:18
Any news or update? Just excited for your release.
# IZEROII | 2012-08-10 22:39
no 5.1 audio option? Even if it wasn't FLAC I would still like to see 5.1 AAC for at least the 1080p...
# Uiharu | 2012-08-12 21:17
Quoting IZEROII:
no 5.1 audio option? Even if it wasn't FLAC I would still like to see 5.1 AAC for at least the 1080p...

actually it's 5.1, just it was a mistake it's now fixed :)
# aikaimolie | 2012-07-31 06:59
Finally some quality fansubs!
However, why not flac audio?
# mascthemoney | 2012-08-13 08:07
AAC is pretty damn good too. I like FLAC if there was a choice, but nobody hears the difference.... if you are happy with mp3's that are 320kbps, you should have no problems with this. at least i would think so.
# mascthemoney | 2012-07-30 21:41
I think, "Heavily Modified & Edited," is being generous.
# skiddiks | 2012-07-25 11:01
I made some simple kfx for the ED for fun awhile ago. I was wondering if you guys wanted to use it. I asked on IRC earlier, but no one was active. ヽ(´ー`)ノ
# deoxys | 2012-07-23 23:42
Your K-ON! Season 2 release practically made you guys my favorite release group of all time. It's that feeling all over again. Can't wait!
# Hollendaise | 2012-07-23 00:45
Thanks so much :D
Can't wait for the results :)
# Alter Zero | 2012-07-22 19:21
As expected, recently I just finished downloading your K-ON!! version, I'm most pleased and very impatient waiting, I will have to schedule the whole series for later this year!... ^_^
# Scouten | 2012-07-22 19:04
awesome eagerly awaiting your 1080 release
# Zeta | 2012-07-22 14:15
Brilliant. I'll definitely get your 720p release once you get it done.
I didn't think much of CoalGuys' version of the series compared to Frostii's, but like I said in the shoutbox, I'm not sure Frostii still exists, so CoalGuys is probably the best bet for subtitles... as far as I know, they're the only bet, actually.

Anyway, thanks for doing this. Should Frostii reappear to sub it, I can always remux your excellent video and audio tracks with their subtitles. :)
# Ametatsu | 2012-07-22 18:22
I'm not the biggest fan of CoalGuys either. That's why we're just using their script as a basis. There's gonna be alot of TLC and Editing involved here.
# Sanka | 2012-08-02 03:50
Quoting Ametatsu:
I'm not the biggest fan of CoalGuys either. That's why we're just using their script as a basis. There's gonna be alot of TLC and Editing involved here.

It was also all done by GG pretty much >.>
# src | 2012-10-11 12:41
FFF also released it. I liked it better than CG. But they had no 5.1 audio in 720p
Since elysium ver is heavily modified, I guess it won't be a problem.
# ilduce777 | 2012-07-22 12:08
Now im going to rewatch it, cant wait for elysium ver.
# Risq-sama | 2012-07-22 11:05
Thanks! Can't wait to watch this :)